Screen  Printed Tablecloths

Screen Printing involves printing through a large screen, 200 x 70 cm maximum size although the design can be printed more than once on the cloth. We can print to your colour specification. There is an Origination charge for the Screen but this is reduced for repeat orders of the same design.

There is a minimum order quantity of 10. Usually a  single colour design printed all over the front (see example on the right).

The Dogs Trust Tablecloth

Screen Printed Tablecloths

Tablecloths that have been screen printed afford a variety of visual pop in patterned elegance. What screen printing usually involves is printing that's done through a large screen. Whatever is your design requirement, we Table Cloth Company will print to your specifications. And, while it does happen that there's an Origination charge for the screen, this price is reduced for orders that are repeated with the same design in mind; which is something especially applicable for corporate printing of logos, brand names and the like.

200 x 70 centimetres represents the maximum size, but that doesn't mean designs are restricted from being printed more than once on a given piece of cloth. 200 x 70 centimeters is basically the height of Darth Vader, and 70 centimeters is probably his width at the shoulder. So, imagine the size of a cloth that had more than one 200 x 70 print on it! It would necessarily have to be a good sized cloth. And that's what screen printed tablecloths are all about, really: repetition of a certain image. Imagine a checkerboard, but each checker is a logo for your company or a family photograph. Or, if you really wanted to be creative, you could actually print each squarish segment with a different image. Finally, with screen printing, there is a minimum order of ten.

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